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Heaters for a dog cage shipping  Warming your small pets cage
    Touch safe fan heater for caged birds and small
    pets are now available in three exclusive colors
blank spacer Warming a pets cage
Pet heaters can be safely exposed to wet weather Temperature is controlled by automatic sensors Fitting the small heater requires no tools or skill
Free instructions and  money back guarantee 
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     Heating bill for the pet fan heater is low
Air flow from the heater is clean. Micro filters will remove all dust. blank spacer pet solar heating

Small cage heaters can be operated on a transformer, battery  &
blank spacer petheaters sold Fan heater for a pet cage
please select color                                    STILL AVAILABLE @ HEATAL.COM
add blank spacer rain Pet cage fan heater // cooler
A combined pet cage heater and pet cage cooler is ideal for warming and cooling your dog, cat or birds.
Cage heater/coolers have all the excellent features of the pet cage heater. The heater-cooler is conveniently  combined into one appliance. Fan heater for a dog cage caged bird sun

 Converting the pet heater into a cooler. Simply push the small pet heater button.
Your pet cage heater & cooler can be "exposed"

Combination heater // coolers are on special
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     BIRD CAGE HEATER*blank spacer Bird heater blank spacer Heater for birds blank spacer
          Convert the floor, wall or ceiling
          of your birds home into a heater

   The bird cage heater warms your pet home by contact. Heat is transmitted into the selected surface.
blank spacer lightning weather proof a22     Birds can safely roost close to the heated surface of the bird home. Heating is controlled to provide warmth that does not exceed the temperature of your birds body. Contact with any surface will not cause an injury.    Bird cage heaters are the ideal choice when space is limited or the pets home is occupied by aggressive birds. Bird cage heaters have instructions and advice.

Heater for a bird cage blank spacer add blank spacer Heating a birds cage blank spacer add blank spacer Heater for a birds house blank spacer add

finchlow voltage heater with airflow ®
$$$$$$$ Save on your pets heating bill with an airflow fan heater        
blank spacer Bird heater cage house Warming cage house birds
The small bird heater has a unique heating system
that directs all heating into the place you choose.
Heat is directed into your birds resting area
not places unoccupied by your pets.
"No wasted money"

Bird fan heaters are safe. The heater temperature does not exceed a safe level and will be quickly claimed by birds as their favored roost.
Fan heaters with airflow control are very stable The low profile bird heater can be free standing or mounted vertically.
A long low voltage power lead permits easy and safe positioning of the small pet cage heater.
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blank spacerlightning             ((   bird heater  ))blank spacer

  A small heater no larger than a tennis ball
  • Bird heaters can operate safely on small
    blank spacer Small heaters birds sun heating for small birds pets rechargeable batteries or a transformer

  • An automatic thermostat will maintain a
    safe temperature and protect your birds

  • Filters fitted to the weather proof heater
    prevent the spreading of discarded small
    feathers and seed husks inside the bird cage
 Battery operated heaters will supply sufficient heating for periods of approximately 24 hours or more in suitable weather.
Your pet fan heater may also be permanently connected onto home power to provide continuous and safe heating.
The touch safe bird heater has built in safety features for maximum protection.  — The safer, easier way to pay online.

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MINIATURE PET HEATERS heating a pet cage
          PET HEATERS
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PetHeaters keeping pets warm since 1998
Can be operated on a transformer or battery* SUPPLIED unless otherwise stated but must be operated in a safe manner at all times.
Use weather proofed connections on all dog cage heaters and pet cages connected to a solar heater or solar panel for pet cage heating.