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Pet heat mats & pads    "free shipping"
Heat mat for pets

pet bed and rug heater

warm your pets bed or favorite floor space
  The small pet heater provides a snug place to sleep on. A whisper quiet fan distributes a warm carpet of air into the area where required."your pets resting spot"

        Pet "heatmats"   are a safer alternative to heat mats
All electrical components on our small pet heater are enclosed within the strong casing

Reinforcement and insulation ensures that your pet has the safest method of keeping warm. The pet heater also has "weather proofing" to protect pets that are not home trained. Pet bed heaters are no larger than a cats milk saucer. The small heater is very easy to clean and can operate safely on a transformer or battery*  $39.62

Heat mat for pets

A heatmat is an economical method of providing warmth for your pet.

  The pets heat mat displayed is ideal for dogs, cats, kitten and puppies.

Pet heat mats can have a bed cover placed upon it or left exposed.
They will provide the ultimate in warmth for your pet on cold days.

A pets heat mat should have a section of mat approximately 1 inch ( 25 mm ) around the pet mats perimeter with no heat coils. The barrier will act as an insulator and reduce costs.

Heat mats for pet         Pet heat mats come in three sizes

The smallest mat will suit a pet the size of a puppy or cat.

Cocker spaniels and pets that are a similar size will find the medium sized heat mat a perfect fit. The largest mat will easily accommodate a big dog.

Matching your pet to the correct heat mat ensures minimum operating costs.

       Pet heat mats are available in two colors
  • The Twilight Grey color displayed will be ideal for pets that have a dark fur.
  • Soft Beige is the second color and is suited for pets with a light colored coat.
Select a color that is a close match to your pets coat. This will reduce the visibility of pet hairs that even the best groomed pet is constantly shedding.

The pets heat mats can be purchased for $29. 75
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pets heat mat

Heating mat for pets You keep your bed warm on cold nights with an electric blanket.
Why not give your pet a cosy home with a heat mat?

The beautifully patterned pets heat mat has a long cord that
allows you to position it into a safe area. No wiring is required.

Keeping your pet warm is as simple as plugging in the mat. $22

Heating pads for pets

A heating pad that is able to withstand harsh treatment.
The pet pad is rust proof and will warm your pet reliably for many years.

Heating pads have an insulated silicon base laminated onto a brushed aluminum surface.

Heat pad for pet The pets heat pads are insulated to protect your pet from an electric shock.
Heat pad for pets are available in three sizes and have a preset temperature.

      An automatic thermostat  controls the temperature and delivers a safe level of warmth.

Colors for your pets heating pad are Silver and Beige.

Pet heating pads are weather proof and can be exposed to the weather.  $32. 72
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       pet heat mat

Keep your small pet warm and cosy with a heat mat designed to provide warmth safely.

The heat mat have an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature. pets heat mat

Heat mats are placed under your pets bedding or favorite rug to provide warmth and protection on cold nights. Cleaning the pet mat is very easy.
Heat mats with a higher rating provide more warmth over a bigger area.

A large selection of mats for warming pets are available.
  •  5 watts 5.4 inches wide and 5.8 inches long
  •  7 watts 5.9 inches wide and 11 inches long
  • 14 watts 11 inches wide and 11 inches long
  • 20 watts 12 inches wide and 12 inches long
Pet heat mats operate on a safe low voltage power supply.
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