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  three methods of warming your small pet

  • The first and most important is suitable shelter for your pet.
  • A warm bed to rest on increases comfort level and happiness.
  • Lots of companionship completes the cosy shelter for your pet.
                                                             but! blank spacer pet bed heating

     A pet bed with built in heating can have serious health and safety issues
  • It is very difficult to clean a pet bed that has electrical wiring inside the covers.
  • There is no method of checking the quality and condition of the heaters wiring.
  • The pets bed will require replacement long before the heater stops functioning.
   new      Pet bed heaters   Your perfect solution
               available at partnered stores and linked sites blank hound dog
  • Our removable pet bed heater will easily outlast several pet beds. It
      is cheaper to replace the worn bed and re-use the pet bed heater.

  • Inspecting the condition and safety of the pet bed heater is simple.
    A quick glance will ensure the small bed heater is safe for your pet.

  • Keeping a bed clean is a constant choir. Pets are always shedding fur.
    Removing the small pet bed heater will simplify and speed up cleaning.
   The pet bed heater is insulated and has a "burns prevention" regulator.
A thermostat constantly checks to provide safe heating for your pet.

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The heater is weather proof.  All
controls are safely enclosed. Pets
that have a bed wetting accident
will not be injured by our heater.

Pet bed heaters are small and economical. The heater can operate on a battery* or transformer and is safe to warm the sleeping area of boisterous pets.

  Pet bed heaters spread warmth evenly without creating dangerous hot spots.
Buried beneath the blankets or into a pillow the bed heater will provide a safe and reliable level of warmth for your pet blank shipping   @   HEATAL.COM

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Keeping a pet bed warm
your pets bed Heated bed for pets

Warmth is created by the amazing

heatCapture ® pet mattress
  Yes it's true!   This amazing pet bed has thermo traps that capture the pet bed heaters warmth.
When outside temperatures drop heat is released from the beds mattress. An easy access panel
lets you simply slide the small pet bed heater into a position that provides maximum comfort.

&   heatCapture ® protects your pet from cold floors
An insulation barrier stop cold floors from chilling your pets bed

Young pets, old pets and pets suffering from pain should be protected from the discomfort
of laying on cold floors. Our heatCapture pet beds are the perfect choice for
creating a cocoon of comfort and warmth for your pet has four exclusive colors
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Heated bed for pets that are  comfortable and quick to clean blank sold

Ideal for dogs, cats and other small pets the heated pet bed also provides
a warm sanctuary for pets that are elderly or recuperating from an illness.

Pets with arthritis and joint stiffness appreciate resting on a soft warm bed.
A safe level of warmth is spread evenly throughout the pet beds floor area.

    Still available from heatal blank heated pet bed
heated pets bed  The pet bed
     is easy
  to re-locate
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pet beds  are warmed with our removable heater
. . . . Pet Bed Heater Features . . . .

Operates at a controlled temperature
Economical heating for long periods
Warms your pet on battery power
Long weatherproof electrical lead

warming a pets bed
  Pet Bed Warmer   The twelve volts Warmer is weather proof.

Pet Bed Warmers are perfect for providing comfort and warmth for your pet
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Pet Bed Warmers allow you to control the warmth to your pet's favorite bed.

The small pet bed warmer is placed inside a pet bed & under bed covers

Warmers for pet beds operate only when pets are resting in bed.
heaters and pets

pet bed warmers

Human heating pads reach higher temperatures than a pet's body temperature.
Use heated pet beds and pet bed warmers designed to warm small pets
K&H pet bed warmers Akoma pet bed warmers Akoma heated pet beds

PetSafe    snugglesafe    K&H    Akoma

Convert pet beds from cold & ordinary to a pets bed that is warm and snug.

  Snugglesafe  is a pet bed warmer that offers:
  • Therapeutic heat that's great for older pets
  • Warmth from a safe low voltage power source
  • Double insulated chew resistant power cord for safety
  • Extra comfort with padding inside the small pet bed warmer
  Universal pet warmer  will pamper your pet on those cold nights.

Universal Pet Bed Warmers slide into your pet’s bed to provide the pleasures of a warm pet bed .
Pet bed warmers have a padded cover that is easy to wash and keep clean.
PetSafe  Universal Pet Bed Warmers are a safe and economical pet bed heater.

Pooch Pal Hound Warmer   are a water proof heated pets bed that is ideal for pet owners traveling on cold winter days.
    Hound Warmer are suited for boisterous pets.
The heated pet bed is manufactured by Akoma Dog Products and has the Product Number: AKHW1

   PetSafe heater
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Snugglesafe heater
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     K&H heater
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Akoma heater
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Pets cosy Pet cosy's and pet beds are ideal for the pet bed heaters. Warming your pets cosy is simple.
The small heaters can be removed for pet cosy cleaning. Relocating pet cosies can be achieved
with minimum effort. Simply remove the bed heater from the cosy and place the pet cosy and pet
bed heater in the new location. Operating a pet bed heater in a pets cosy is safe when the bed
heater is controlled. Cosies for pets come in many shapes and sizes. Warming the pet cosies
creates a comfortable home for your pet.


K & H heated pet beds

K&H Heated Self-Warming Pet Bed K&H pet beds have recommendations by pet experts and veterinarians. blank K&H heated pet beds
K&H heated beds and mats provide gentle warmth to sooth joints & muscles for aging and active pets. K&H pet beds have been tested to assure that K&H heating for pet beds is the safest for your pet. The heated pet bed has a low operating costs. K&H heated pet beds will provide reliable warmth . K&H pet beds are designed to comfort pets for long periods. K&H are one of the largest manufacturers of heated pet beds and pet bed heaters. All pet bed warmers and heated pet beds on this page have been tested for safe operating temperatures suited for small pets.

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PetHeaters keeping pets warm since 1998
K&H pet heaters and K&H heated pet beds are ideal for small pets. The k&h pet bed
heaters are covered by warranty. K&H small pet bed heaters and K&H heated pets plus Akoma heated pet beds and pet heaters. Operating cost of
the snugglesafe pet bed heater and PetSafe range of heated pet beds and pet bed warmers are economical. PetSafe heating range of pet products include a PetSafe pet bed warmer.Pooch Pal Hound
range of heated pet products include the Pooch Pal Hound Warmer. Warmers for pets that are safe and reliable to keep pets warm.*Unless stated
otherwise a transformer or battery is SUPPLIED.