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  heat mats to warm your pet

Heat mats and pads can be used for a dog house heater, heating a cats enclosure or warming a pets resting area. Heatmats and heating pads should be resistant to boisterous behavior from an active pet.

The pet pads and mats must be weather proof. A warming pads should withstand an accident from pets that are not house trained especially heat mats for pups

Electrical cords used to power the pets mat must be positioned in a safe area.
Controls that are exposed to an unsupervised pet must be recessed into the control housing to prevent accidental alteration of the heat setting by your pet.

Heat pads and heat mats should not be plugged into a power source until your pets behavior to the new addition is observed over a period of time.

A selection of heat mats and heat pads for pets can be found on this web page
The pet heat mats and pet heat pads are available in different sizes and colors.

pet heat mats

Heat mats are made in a large variety of styles and materials
     Heat mats are suitable for these pet resting areas:
  • cat enclosure that has a weather proof area
  • dog house and shelters that have dry areas
  • pet home for kitten, pups and other pets
  • kennel with a floor to secure heat mats
Most pet heatmats consist of a plastic liner that encloses an electrical wire grid. Models of pup heat mats and kennel heat mats are connected to a rheostat that controls heat and improves safety.

Pet heat pads that do not have a temperature control are plugged into the mains power to obtain their preset heat setting. No adjustment to the temperature level can be made unless an external thermostat is fitted to the heat mat for pets.

The pets heated pad will experience temperature variations with weather changes.

Pet heated pads not fitted with a thermostat or temperature control cost less than a pets warming pad that is controlled.

   Warming pads

A pet heater that operates close to your pets body

The pet heater can be placed into a pets sleeping basket or bed to provide a warm home. Pet heaters can also be used to warm a dog house interior.

pups heat mat The heater is controlled by an automatic thermostat that regulates the warmth.

Pet heaters are weather proof and
will support the weight of large pets.

There are no parts of the pet heater
that cannot be safely touched by your pet. More details about the small pet heater can be found on this web page


A good heatmat used during cold weather reduces the chance of your pet developing hypothermia, frost bite or some other forms of sickness.

warming pads for pets

Pet warming pads that are produced with a plastic outer lining can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Never immerse a pad in water unless specified by the manufacturer. Most pet heat mats are not suitable for exposure to the weather.

heat mat for pets The temperature produced by pads fitted into a dogs house, cats enclosure or small pets homes will feel very low when a hand is placed upon it. This is normal. Temperatures will increase from body heat when your pet rests on the heatmat.

Heat pads for pets

Heat pads must always be positioned correctly in the home of an active pet. With kittens, puppy's and other small boisterous pets this is essential. dogs heat mat Heat pads that operate on a mains power with the electrical cord or wiring not protected should not be
used to warm your dog, cat or other small
pets. A electrical shock can occur if the heat pads wiring is bitten into by your small pet.

When purchasing any form of heat mat for a dogs house careful attention should be paid to the electrical fittings of the heat pad. Electrical leads, wiring, and thermostats used for heat control of the pets heat mat or pets heat pad should be of good quality and protected from pet attacks. All connections to the pets heat mat should be weather proof or positioned in an area that is dry and secure.
kennel heat mat
If the heatmat is to be exposed to open weather or water spills all electrical fittings on the pets heat mat or pad must be waterproof.Dogs, puppies, small pets, kittens and cats that have wet fur should not be placed on heat pads that are not waterproof.

Pets with no fur or short length fur must have some form of heating in winter. Dogs, cats and other small pets that have been housed indoors during the cold weather should have a dry and heated resting area to rest in when they are placed outside. Long haired pets with fur trimmed or styled should have access to heat pads or another form of pet heating mat.

cats heat mat Pets that are suffering from arthritis or physical injury will receive comfort from a heated surface. A dog or cat with arthritis should be able to move the injured joint
better when the affected area is kept warm.

Small pets, especially kittens and puppies that are injured or distressed should have access to a warm resting area that is quiet.

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To build and heat a dogs home and small pets enclosure the materials you use will be the deciding factor on the useful life of the dog house.
The use of any material that has been coated or treated with any chemicals that may be toxic to your pet should be avoided.
Pets cannot be constantly supervised and it is not unusual for them to chew on their enclosures and resting areas.

Pet heaters that are used to warm the dogs house and all other appliances that have an electrical supply to the pets home must have all electrical leads positioned in a safe and dry area.
When constructing a heated doghouse plan, heated kennel, small pets enclosure or heated dogs home organize the positioning of the pets home and all electrical leads and connections before commencing construction the the heated dogshouse.

Any doghouse you build should not have the enclosures floor resting on the ground. Resting the dog house in direct contact with the ground can create mildew and make the dogshouse cold and damp. Rodent control will also be difficult.

Face the opening away from any prevailing winds.

When using any tools be sure that the proper safety equipment and safety procedures are used at all times.

Read and understand all instruction books that are supplied with any tools and always maintain a clean and safe working area.

Never work around children or unrestrained pets or let them in the work area unsupervised.

The free dog house plans and free kennel plans supplied are for personal use only and have all been built and tested for strength and operation and to my knowledge they are correct and accurate. The plans are supplied without warranties and guarantee and you acknowledge that you use them and operate all tools and equipment at your sole risk.

The choice of dog house plan, pet heater or any other building plans for small pets found on this web site and the suitability for the chosen project is entirely your responsibility.

You agree to indemnify petheaters from any claims, damages, personal injuries and expenses in regards to any building projects and plans found on this web site.
All the free building plans are for personal use only.

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