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Insulated dogs house with heater

Insulate and warm a dogs house

keeping small pets warm

Insulating and warming a pets home

A pet house must be soundly construction if you wish to insulate it successfully. Insulating a dogs home that has been poorly built will be a waste of effort and money. Small animals require a sturdy pets house

A dog house that is suitable for insulation and heating should have no windows.
If windows are placed in the pets home some form of screening should be fitted.

insulated dogs house with heater
Windows that have double glazing or a clear perspex panel do not need screenings. The double glazing of the doghouse window provides heat insulation. Perspex panels are a form of clear plastic that insulates the interior of the dog house against heat transfer. Pet heaters are generally operated for long periods of time and a properly designed doghouse heater will reduce the cost of warming a small pets home.

The touch safe pet heaters available on this web site have been designed to operate safely around small animals & economically for long periods of time.

The entrance to the dog house should be slightly larger than the dogs body width and height. A door with an opening that is to big will expose the interior of the doghouse to drafts. This will defeat the purpose of installing insulation into the dog house

Insulated pets home
A well built pet house can have two roofs to provide extra insulation

The space between the two dogs house roofs will insulate the dog house in winter from rain and snow. Roof additions are positioned low enough to prevent weather from hitting the main roof.

Painting the wooden portions of a pets home with an undercoat and exterior grade top coat will prevent moisture from penetrating the dogshouse. The choice of a paint color can also help in the insulation of a dogs house. A light colored paint should be used if you are insulating against heat. THE REVERSE APPLIES IF A DOG HOUSE NEEDS INSULATION TO RETAIN HEAT

Do not use a lead base paint  for the dog house. Paint will flake
and peal over time and lead based paints can be very hazardous for small pets.

Insulated and heated pet house plans

Position the pet house back into any prevailing wind to create natural insulation barrier. In this position most of the wind is prevented from entering pet houses & creating drafts that chill pets

Place a piece of Hessian or similar material over the doghouse entrance. The Hessian will act as a barrier and help to insulate the dog house and retain the warmth within the pets shelter.

Training may be required for your pet if material is used for a dog house door.
Your pet may not enjoy the sensation of hession brushing against its body.

Raising the dogs house floor above ground will stop moisture from entering the doghouse walls and prevent rot-mildew from attacking floors or sides. Skirting boards add extra dog house insulation

Position the pets home in an area that is exposed to the winter sun.
The dog house panels will retain the warmth when the sun has disappeared. The heat will transmit through the shell of the dogshouse and help to warm the interior.
Position the dog house under shade in the summer to provide natural insulation.

How to insulate and heat a pets house

  Cork board or similar soft fiber boards can be used for the interior of a dogs home. Cork board is soft and easy to work with. A covering liner of light ply will be required to shield the cork board if your pet has a tendency to chew items.

Fiberglass batts can be fitted to the interior of the dogs home with a second liner. Fiberglass batts can be an irritant for your pet. Encasing the doghouse with a second liner will also increase the insulation benefits for the dogs house.

Foiled tar paper can be fitted to the interior or exterior of the dog house. The tar paper can be fixed directly onto the pets home using a construction adhesive.

Tar paper can also be used in conjunction with fiber glass or cork batts.

how to warm a pets home with insulation

Foam boards can be used as batts to insulate the kennel.

An alternative to using solid foam panels as an insulation for the dogs kennel is to fit a second liner to the pets home and use expanded foam filler injected into the cavities. Expanding foam is suitable for insulating a dogs home. As well as insulation it also provide adhesion for the dog house panels.

Heating and insulation plans for small pet homes


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Keeping your insulated dog house warm with a small heater

A dog house warmer or other small heaters displayed are ideal for creating
"a pet friendly environment" in the insulated doghouse.

Heating an insulated dog house is safe and inexpensive with the small pet heater.
Keeping your pet warm is so easy with a touch safe heater.

The heater is weather proof and will operate safely exposed to the elements.
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