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Heated dogs house blank spacer

Build a heated dog house plan

Plan for building a heated dog house

Building the heated dog house plan requires basic tools. The free dog house plan, pets enclosure plan and how to fit a dog house warmer or dog house heater are easy to read. Building the dog house will be finished in a few days.

If the plans are followed correctly the finished results will be
an attractive shelter for your pet and fitted with a dog house heater

heated dog house

blank spacer The heated dog house plan is an adaptable building plan. Modifications can be carried out at any time during the dog house construction. It is easy to modify measurements of dog house plans.

Plans for a dog house with heating

There is a list of components used for the construction of the dog house. The list of dog house panels shows the numbered edges of panels & positions they can be fitted

build a heated doghouse plan

To construct the heated dogshouse plan start with the predetermined size of the dogs house base and adapt all the following dog house panels.

heated dog house plan The measurements you use to construct the dog house base will be guided by the width and height of your pet.Your dog should be able to turn and stand inside the doghouse without brushing any panels. Measurements should be kept to the smallest size for the pets movements inside the dog house. This reduces the cost of keeping the dog house warm.

warming pets

A1/A2 Are equal measurements but larger than A5/A6 by approximately 20%
A3/A4 Are equal measurements but larger than A7/A8 by approximately 40%
A5/A6 Are equal measurements to A7/A8
A7/A8 Are equal measurements to A5/A6

Base measurements of the heated doghouse

The base of the doghouse is the first panel that is cut to size.

Timber has a natural grain running in one direction. blank spacer dog house and heating If the surface of the dog house is to have a varnished finish to feature the wood grain, ensure all panels for the dogshouse are cut with the grain in one direction. When matching wood grain for the small pets home wastage of plywood can be considerable when cutting panels to match grain.

Doghouse heaters

Warming a doghouse is an easy choir with the selection of dog house heaters that are available on this web site.
There are pet heated beds / dog house warmers and fan heaters that are weather proof plus many more pet heaters designed to warm a pets home.

blank spacer dog house plan When you decide on the correct measurements for your pets home apply them to the base of the doghouse. This is center piece and reference point to the remaining measurements for constructing your pets home.

  • B1 The height of the dog plus 20%
  • B2 The height of B1 plus 20%
  • B3 Draw a line to B1 and B2 after putting in the B4 measurement.
  • B4 Equal measurements to A7/A8

Dogs home plan and heating

Patterns for the dog home plan can be cut out of card board and transferred onto the plywood panels if you are unsure of any measurements for the dogs home.

doghouse and heating If the doghouse with fitted heater is to have an exposed grain pattern, it may help in aligning
all grain directions by marking arrows onto
the doghouse panel patterns indicating the direction of the wood grain. The sides for the doghouse or dogs home will be the following:

    B1/B5 .. B2/B6 .. B3/B8 .. B4/B7

Equal measurements. These measurements are for the sides for the doghouse.

Cut out the first side B1/B2/B3/B4 of the dogs home and use this side as a template to make the second side B5/B6/B7/B8. dog house and heaters If the surface of the plywood you are using is different on either side make sure that the template pattern is marked on the same sides. This will ensure a uniform
finish to the painted surfaces of the dog
home when you construct the panels.

C1/C2 Equal to A5 and add on twice the thickness of the plywood being used for the side needs to be added on to the overall measurement.
C3/C4 Equal measurements to B1/B5
C5/C6 Equal measurements to A5 plus add on twice the thickness of the plywood being used for the side of the doghouse.
C7/C8 Equal measurements to B2/B6

A1+A2 are the ends of the doghouse roof
A3+A4 are the sides of the doghouse roof
A5+A6 are the ends of the dogs home base
blank spacer doghouse and heaters A7+A8 are the sides of the dog house base
B1+B2 are the ends of the doghouse side1
B3+B4 are the sides of the dogs house side1
B5+B6 are the ends of the doghouse side2
B7+B8 are the sides of the doghouses side2
C1+C2 are the ends of the dog house back
C3+C4 are the sides of the doghouse back
C5+C6 are the ends of the dogshouse front
C7+C8 are the sides of the dogs house front

heated pets home plan

The materials that are used to construct the doghouse will be decided by the budget that is available to build the dogs home.

A selection of heaters ideal for a dog house can be found on this web page.

Heavier plywood panels will increase the insulation properties of the dog house.
This will reduce the heating cost of the pet heater fitted to the pets home.

Pet home and warming Plywood panels chosen for the dog house should not be an exterior plywood that has been treated with chemicals that may be toxic to pets. Select framing timber that is approx. one inch square (25 millimeters) and suitable for the construction you intend to use. (ie screwed glued or nailed to prevent timbers from splitting) Timber will be required to line the inside of the base, sides and four corners. Timber will also be used for guides to re position the roof and heater.  solar pet heater > > >

Build a dogs house

Galvanized nails and screws are items required for construction of the dogshouse and pets home. The doghouse will be exposed to the weather so all fixing screws and nails will need to be galvanized or zinc coated to prevent rusting. Construction grade glue is ideal for this form of building. Any paint that has lead or zinc in it should not be used for the small pets home.Painted surfaces release fumes so a curing period will be required after painting the dogs house.

Building a dogshouse

Building a dogshouse with metal fittings can be a hazard for your pet.
If galvanized or zinc mesh wire is to be used as the front or on a window of the dogs house select mesh wiring that has been electroplated with a galvanized or zinc coating. The majority of mesh wiring on the market has been dipped into a galvanizing bath. Dogs can get zinc or lead poisoning if the wire mesh is chewed.

Construction of the dog house plan

The first part of the dog house constructed is the base of the dogshouse.

pet home and heaters Line the interior borders of the dog house base with the timber. Remove a section of front timber that is the same width as the door opening. The opening of the dog home can be to the center or side of the pets home. A dog house heater that is positioned away from a permanent opening will operate more efficiently when placed away from a permanent opening.

Assemble the sides to the dogshouse base using galvanized nails/glue or screws.
Keep the plywood's side flush with the doghouse base. Position and fit the upright corner pieces of the timber framing to the side edges of the doghouse.

Fit the back of the dogs home. The plywood back must sit flush to the outside of both plywood sides and flush to the base underside.

Fitting a dog house heater

The dog house plans have framing timber in most cases fixed to the kennel panels after the panels are fitted to the base. This construction method can be altered and the framing of the dogs home can be fixed to the panels before assembly.

When joining the panels to the framing using screws or nails drill a pilot hole into the plywood and the dog house frame that is smaller than the screw or nail shaft.

Heating a dogs home

Drilling the frame and plywood prevents
the dog house frame from splitting

Dog home plan

Fit the front with the edges flush with the sides of the dog home and base underside

Place the roof of the dogs home in a position that is suitable for the enclosure and then fit the roof guides to the underside of the dog house roof.

Timber left over from construction can be used
as framing beneath the floor of the dog house.

When you are happy with the structural strength
of the doghouse sand back any rough areas of the dogs home and paint. Don't forget to install our pet heater featured on this page

© Copyright dog house plans heating a dog house build a doghouse

To build and heat a dogs home and small pets enclosure the materials you use will be the deciding factor on the useful life of the dog house. The use of any material that has been coated or treated with any chemicals that may be toxic to your pet should be avoided.Pets cannot be constantly supervised and it is not unusual for them to chew on their enclosures and resting areas.

Pet heaters that are used to warm the dogs house and all other appliances that have an electrical supply to the pets home must have all electrical leads positioned in a safe and dry area. When constructing a heated doghouse plan, heated kennel, small pets enclosure or heated dogs home organize the positioning of the pets home and all electrical leads and connections before commencing construction the the heated dogshouse.

Any doghouse you build should not have the enclosures floor resting on the ground. Resting the dog house in direct contact with the ground can create mildew and make the dogshouse cold and damp. Rodent control will also be difficult. Face the opening away from any prevailing winds. When using any tools be sure that the proper safety equipment and safety procedures are used at all times.

Read and understand all instruction books that are supplied with any tools and always maintain a clean and safe working area. Never work around children or unrestrained pets or let them in the work area unsupervised.

The free dog house plans and free kennel plans supplied are for personal use only and have all been built and tested for strength and operation and to my knowledge they are correct and accurate. The plans are supplied without warranties and guarantee and you acknowledge that you use them and operate all tools and equipment at your sole risk.

The choice of dog house plan, pet heater or any other building plans for small pets found on this web site and the suitability for the chosen project is entirely your responsibility. You agree to indemnify petheaters from any claims, damages, personal injuries and expenses in regards to any building projects and plans found on this web site.
All the free building plans are for personal use only.


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