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blank spacer heater for my dog     Welcome to our pet heaters web site!
Pet owners who appreciate the pleasure that a small pet can bring
will ensure that they are warm and comfortable on cold days.
A pet heater is an excellent way of showing you care.

   * Pet friendly heater
       ( Now available in three exclusive colors )

A heater for kitten, puppies, cats and dogs that is designed to operate close to your pet.
No parts of the pet heaters outer shell will burn or injure your pet.

blank spacer lightning keeping a dog house warm

  • The fan heater has filters that remove dander
    and fur often found around a pet's home.

  • Fan filters can be washed for re-use
    numerous times. Spare filters are
    supplied with every touch safe heater.

    Clean warm air   is gently blown around
your pets favorite resting area creating relaxation.

  Kitten, pups and small pets are adventurous and often very boisterous.
The pet friendly heater has been designed to operate safely around your active pet.

The weather proof heater is safe for pets that are not house trained or suffering from arthritis.

            Safely warming pets is very important

small animal heaters
Double insulation and weather proofing that protects you and your pet from an electric
      shock is fitted on the small pet friendly heaters components "plus" over heat protection.

     A thermostat connected into the heaters casing will automatically maintain a safe heating range.
  Pet heaters can operate indoors or be exposed to weather    Only  $29.95   free instructions & filters
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           *   PET HEATERS

   A pet heater that will warm pups, kittens, birds and other small pets safely.

The fully enclosed pet warmer has no hot spots that can burn a puppy
or kitten when brushed against and is ideal for keeping pets warm.

Pet heaters are impact resistant and suitable for most positions within the pets home.
The weatherproof heater may also be located outdoors exposed to the weather.
Battery power or solar can be used to operate the heater in difficult areas.

  "Relaxing warmth"   is gently created to comfort your pet.

blank spacer solar heating for pets pet heaters

There are NO heating elements touching the wall

   Heat is created in the interior of our pet heater

Warmth radiates through the outer shell vents to
provide heating for your puppies, kittens and pets.

    The compact pet warmer is extremely strong. It will withstand attacks from the most
determined puppy or kitten and the outer casing of the pet friendly heater is non-toxic.
blank spacer sold     your small pet will not be injured by our heater

Pet heaters can be operated free standing or mounted onto the floor
or wall to provide a comfortable home for your pet.  limited stock
A full 12 month guarantee is supplied with every pet heater. blank spacer Pet heaters
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    (( touch safe  pet heater ))   A tiny heater no larger than a tennis ball. blank spacer Touch safe pet heater

The tiny pet heater operates from a transformer or rechargeable batteries.
Filtered fans deliver clean warm air pet battery operated heater
Battery heaters will supply heating for periods of 24 hours or longer in suitable
weather conditions. The fan heaters may be permanently connected*
used to keep your small pets continuously warm.
   Touch safe heaters operate on low voltages for maximum safety.
A thermostat protects your weather proof pet heater.
$50  $19.60
blank spacer rain
                       weather proofed

Pet low voltage heater blank spacer
petheaters' height=

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Heating a pet bed

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  Our pet heater package
is yours for   just  $29.95

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Keeping pets warm has never been easier. The bed heater is weather proof and safe
Now you can reliably warm your small pets home or bed regardless of the weather.

pets and heating
A transparent pet bed that allows enjoyable viewing of your resting pet
Eversoft mattress & removable bed cover for easy hygeine control
Our exclusive pet safe heater to provide the ultimate in warmth
Full money back guarantee on quality and performance
You even have the option of using battery - solar power.

pet heater products

   PETHEATER PRODUCTS ARE SOLD WORLD WIDE blank spacer solar heating
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keeping pets warm since 1998

In May, 2003, the environmental research & advocacy organization Environmental Working Group filed a
fourteen page brief with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission petitioning for rules requiring that
heating appliances containing PTFE carry a warning label on the potential hazards to birds and small pets.
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